Minutes of Annual Meeting April 27, 2021

Conducted Via Zoom

Javier Armendariz called meeting to order at 7 pm.  With households present and proxies, a quorum of households was present,

We could not confirm meeting minutes from the delayed 2020 annual HOA meeting since they were not available. Javier was going to try to locate them

The two open board positions are filled.  Laurie Ramey will continue and Issac Pierce will fill the position being vacated by Gloria L Keesee

There was no new old business

New business
Jamie Cruz asked about the contract for common area maintenance. Javier indicated that we will be taking new bids at the end of this year (end of contract) since the service has not been as we expected. 

Javier explained that we (HOA) are now responsible for total upkeep of the cluster mailboxes.  We have replaced the 20 plus year old boxes and overall, everyone has been pleased with the new boxes.

Javier indicated that he does not expect an increase In HOA fees unless the landscaping bids are higher than expected.    The results will be communicated by end of the year.

There was a brief discussion of the traffic flows as a result of the new apartments.  There seems to be an issue with the renters turning left in front of ones turning right out of Wesley  Mike Bowling indicated that the state had indicated that there would be some type of change but to date nothing has been done,  Javier suggested that we contact the state since they would be ones making any changes

Meeting adjourned about 7 35 pm